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Contracts & Corporate Documents

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Contracts & Corporate Documents

Structure Your Business for Success

Your company’s internal documents Рfrom corporate structure selection and formation, to bylaws and operating agreements, to shareholder, stock purchase, and voting agreements Рestablish not only the legal obligations which govern many fundamental operations, but also set the tone of your business.

It is critical that new businesses take important steps early in the life of the business (ideally, even before forming an LLC or Corporation, or other business entity) to establish corporate organization, governance, and compliance rules and policies. Existing business, too, should review and amend their existing internal documents on a regular basis, to ensure their business is properly structured to enable them to respond to rapidly changing market demands as well as regulatory changes and challenges. Do not wait until a dispute arises to speak with an attorney about protecting your interests.

Further, when a governance dispute or other internal conflict does arise, it is critical that the rights and liabilities of all parties are clearly set forth, in order to minimize the impact of such conflicts, avoid litigation, and protect the business, it’s directors and managers, and members, as well as third-parties interacting with your business, from liability.

Your business can rely on Heidi Urness Law to create, install, and enforce thorough, nuanced, and compliant foundational documents to ensure your company is poised to achieve both short and long-term goals.